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Development of Science

Posted: Agustus 2, 2012 in perkembangan IPTEK

Scientific developments are now more advanced. Marked with many innovations that in humans do. Science is a business man who wants to investigate something that covers the meaning and essence of life in this world. Some coverage of science is starting to spread ranging from earth science, space and many others.

Science is a philosophy that first appeared. Philosophy is also called the mother of  sciences (scientiarum mater) As a general philosophy of the material object that is the whole reality, without need for special objects. That caused of a separate philosophy of sciences.

There are three science that developed in the world that is: the natural sciences, social and applied research. Development of natural sciences can be seen from the human mind trying to understand about the universe and even himself.
Essentially, science is the Lord. Then appropriately knowledgeable human being has no boundaries. When it should not have any human being arrogant and used it for the good and welfare of society. For that seeking knowledge is an obligation to disseminate its people and is also an obligation for prosperous human life in this world.